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Carole King - The Real...Carole King

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Carole King - The Real...Carole King

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The Real...Carole King

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Carole King
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Pistas del álbum:
Disco: 1
1. I Feel the Earth Move
2. Nightingale
3. Brother, Brother
4. There's A Space Between Us
5. Will You Love Me Tomorrow?
6. Been to Canaan
7. Jazzman
8. High Out Of Time
9. Really Rosie
10. I Can't Hear You No More
11. That's How Things Go Down
12. Still Here Thinking Of You
13. Goin' Back
14. The First Day In August
15. No Easy Way Down
16. Where You Lead

Disco: 2
1. It's Going to Take Some Time
2. The Best Is Yet To Come
3. Corazón
4. Believe In Humanity
5. Way over Yonder
6. Fantasy End
7. You've Been Around Too Long
8. Too Much Rain
9. Child of Mine
10. You Light Up My Life
11. I Think I Can Hear You
12. It's Gonna Work Out Fine
13. Music
14. Stand Behind Me
15. Sweet Seasons
16. Can't You Be Real

Disco: 3
1. It's Too Late
2. Come Down Easy
3. Only Love Is Real
4. Up On the Roof - Carole King with James Taylor
5. Some Kind of Wonderful
6. One Was Johnny
7. I'd Like To Know You Better
8. Gotta Get Through Another Day
9. A Quiet Place To Live
10. Back to California
11. So Far Away
12. Sweet Sweetheart
13. You Gentle Me
14. Peace In the Valley
15. You're Something New
16. My Lovin' Eyes
17. You've Got a Friend

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